WD Passport Ultra Linux utilities (Unlock, Secure Erase, Password Change)

Recently i bought an external USB 3.0 HD with hardware encryption to always carry with me my stuff without worries about losing my device and I chose the WD (Western Digital) Passport Ultra.

It does his job but it seems that WD Passport only support Microsoft and Mac OS. Sadly these are not my main operating systems so I had to get a working solution.

Looking around I found some other guys that tried to resolve this problem but all the scripts I stumbled upon weren’t complete because I wanted a fully Linux version of WD Passport Ultra utilities with all the basic operations like Unlock, Secure Erase, Password Change and so..

Making things short I did some research and developed a tool that you can reach following this link https://github.com/0-duke/wdpassport-utils

It’s far to be complete as the official Windows version but all the main operations seems to work smoothly.